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Geng Xin Precision Co., Ltd

About Company

Geng Xin Precision Co., Ltd is the young manufacturer specialized in various Cold forming tools manufacturing since 2010 in Taiwan. We produced for domestic and overseas market of tools including Screw Forming Tools, Bolt Forming Tools, Nut Forming Tools, Cold Forging Dies, Punches, K.O. Pins, Header Punches, Recess Pin Punches, Multi Die Punches, Thread Rolling Dies, Wire Drawing Dies, Press Dies, Press Tools, Trimming Dies, Tungsten Carbide Dies, Alloy Steel Dies, Alloy Steel Tools, Segmental Tungsten Carbide Dies, Carbide Wafers, Transfer Fingers, Grippers and Customization Tools. If you are interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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