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Roofing screw

Time:2023-11-16 10:11:41 Visitors:2691
Product Description: We make a various types and sizes of roofing screw.

Common required sizes are #12-14x25 & #12-14x55

Full thread/double thread/others

Zinc plating/ruspert coating 500H/1000H/1500H
Mchanical galvanized per AS 3655
Time:2023-11-16 10:11:41 Visitors:2691
Country: TAIWAN
Company Name:Strong Johnny International Co., Ltd
Address:No.132 Bihong st
Contact Name:Ms.Zoe
Order Quantity:
Delivery Time:
Website:Company INFO
[TW] Welding screw/bolt 2023-11-15
[TW] *Ready Stock* Cage nut 2023-11-15
[TW] DIN 603 Carriage bolt 2023-11-15
[TW] Stainless steel wood screw 2023-11-14
[TW] Taptite thread forming screw 2023-11-14
[TW] Roofing screw 2023-11-14
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