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Über uns

UTA was originally founded in 1980 as machine builder, and has steadily grown to encompass the

- fastener assembly machines
- sealing washers
- wire connectors

All the crews are dedicated to bring the cost-effective solution to the fastener industry.

Being Machine Builder –

The projected team serves customers with the reliable assembly solutions, from feeder, assembly, in-line optical sorting, counting to quantity packing. Being unique globally having the ability to manufacture the multi-piece fastener assembly machines with extensive range. All machines are designed and built in-house from the quality materials, precision machinery, and skilled engineers to ensure clients the quality equipment, provide the decades of repeatable service with minimal maintenance. Various different markets are covered by the different models. These being:

* Blind Rivet Assembly Machines.
* Nail and Screw Assembly Machines.
* Washer onto Fasteners Assembly Machines.
* Cable Clip Assembly Machines.
* Electrical Terminal Soldering Machines.
* Electrical Terminal Assembly Machines.
* In-line optical sorting, Counting and Boxing Units

Machines are designed to the CE directives and other safety requirements. As the units are all in-house designed, fabricated and assembled, inclusive of electrical and electronic functions, quality control is maintained. The modular design ensures that if subsequent similar equipment is purchased, it will be easy to maintain with the minimum spares stock. Bespoke systems can be designed to be incorporated into the production process if required.

With the engineering background, we are at the leading edge of this industry. The automatic production is able to conform to the rigorous standards, and ensures customer products the reliable quality. By the exclusive facilities, customers can find the most competitive source.

Being sealing washer Manufacturer –

As the source for reliable sealing and cushioning washers. The high qu...

Plants / Machines
2017-10-23 Welcome to visit us in Wire Dusseldorf
Date: 16~20 Apr., 2018
Stand Hall 15 C06-03 
Online Catalogues
UTA Online Catalogues
External Tooth Washers
Bonded Washers
Screw & Nylon Anchor Assembly Machine
Screw Washer Assembling Machine
Blind Rivet Assembly Machine
Fabrik im Ausland



Montagemaschine für Zusammenbau von Schraube + Nylonanker

Montagemaschine für Zusammenbau Schraube + Unterlegscheibe

Montagemaschine für Blindniete

Schlagstift + Unterlegscheibe Montagemaschine

Gummi an Metall-Dichtringe, schwingungsdämpfend

Kabel Clip und Nagel-Montagemaschine

Montagemaschine für selbstbohrende/gewindeformende Schrauben mit Unterlegscheiben

Nagel mit Metall-Anker Montagemaschine


Zahnscheiben, außen verz.

Fastener Assembly Machines (screw assembly machines, blind rivet assembly machines, nail assembly machines, terminal assembly machines, terminal soldering machines...)

Sealing Washers (bonded washers, BAZ washers, EPDM washers, oil seals, lock washers...)

Wiring Terminal (crimped butt splice, quick splice, close ends, wire nuts, cable lugs...)

Exhibitions Attended
Exhibition Preview
Washer Assembly Machine(SD),Metal Anchor Assembly Machine(LZ07),Anchor Assembly Machine(LZO5),Multi-Grip Blind Rivet Assembly Machine(LB),Collated Screw Assembly Machine(ST),Washer Blind Rivet Assembly Machine(L1)
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