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Sobre la Empresa

DAH-LIAN MACHINE was established in 1979. We are profession in manufacturing the machine for fastener production and special designed machine for secondary process and automation purpose in connected steel and pipe/tube filed. We have sold over 4500 sets machines to worldwide. The good quality reputation helps us to grow up stably.

Machines are seriously inspected and tested before shipping. Design is according to “CE” standard.

We give complete service and equipments for fastener production. Screw Heading Machine, Thread Rolling Machine, Bolt Former/Nut Former Nut Tapping Machine, Shank Slotting Machine, Self-Drilling Screw Forming Machine, SEMS Assembly Machine, Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine, Drilling Machine, Semi Tubular/ Tubular Rivet Making Machine, Blind Rivet Assembly Machine, Sorting Machine, Packing Machine, Toolings for bolt and nut manufacture, Conveyor Chamfering Machine, Straightening & Cutting Machine, Special Design Machine, Turning Parts, and Stamping Part...

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Thread Rolling Machine
Heading Machine
Screw Washer Assembling Machine
Nut Formers
Nuts Tapping Machine
Fábrica Ultramar / Branch
Producto Principal

Fabricante de Fijadores

Máquina Rodante de Rosca

Máquina de Encabezamiento

Máquina Ensambladora de Arandela de Tornillo

Formadora de Tuerca

Máquina de Golpe de Tuercas

Máquina de Enderezamiento

Máquina de Formación de Tornillo Autoperforante

Máquina Ensambladora de Arandela & Tornillo Grande de Autoperforante/Toque

Máquina Ensambladora de Anclaje de Nylon & Tornillo

Formadora de Tornillo (Perno)

Máquina de Autocorte de Hilo

Colector de Frío

We are an experienced screw, rivet, nail, washer and anchor assembly machine manufacturer who also produce high precision tooling, thread rolling dies and machine parts. With over 30 year’s experiences, we have good quality reputation and have sold lots of machines to worldwide. Our machines are manufactured from best quality raw materials and under rigorous quality control at every stage of manufacture. Our products that is included heading machine,open die heading machine, bolt former, hydraulic thread rolling machine, SEMS assembly machine, Screw & nylon anchor assembly machine, shank slotting machine, nut former, nut tapping machine,rivet making machine(tubular rivet/semi-tubular rivet) , blind rivet assembly machine, wire straighten & cutting machine, full automatic wire bending machine, special purpose machine & secondary machine, bar & bolt straightening machine, fastener toolings, machine and turning parts/SEMS Screw /self-drilling screw.

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Heading Machine, Thread Rolling Machine, Nut Former, Bonded/Rubber Washer Assembly Machine, Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine, Washer Assembly Machine
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