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About Company

INDUSTRY BUILDING HARDWARE CO., LTD. (IBH) with more than 20 years experience in fastener field, we are a professional screw manufacturer and export company in dealing with all of connecting parts. IBH could be your eyes to see & control quality for finish products and provide a one-stop shopping service for Global customers.

To fulfill commitment towards our customer resulted with very good credit that has contributed to IBH's stable growth over the past years as well as we have developed a well-structured manufacturing network which is presently consisting of more than 30 associated factories, who are carefully selected to be our reliable makers.

INDUSTRY BUILDING HARDWARE CO., LTD. (IBH) is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company. “To provide the best service with stable quality“ is the core value that IBH has been practicing for the past years, we'll keep it in mind with no doubt.

Rise of Integrated Fastener Service Provider
Industry Building Hardware Co., Ltd. (IBH)----------------------------------

Perfect Dual Specialties: Manufacturing & Trading

IBH started off as a small screw processing plant. To kick off overseas sales, President Martin Tsai founded IBH in 2016. Martin used to work for Yieh United Steel Corp and has more than a decade of experience in steel production. Rita Su, another corporate pillar for IBH, entered the fastener industry since 2000. She used to work for foreign companies as their purchasing representative in Taiwan for 6 years and helped them double their purchase volumes in Taiwan, which is why she knows all fastener purchase demands and quality requirements. With dual specialties in both fastener manufacturing and trading, IBH has become an impeccable manufacturer and international trader.

Professional Consultant Offering Integrated Service

Besides various fasteners, IBH offers fastener manufacturing machines, measuring/inspection equipment, gages, wrenches, dies, and punches. Martin says he has formed a strategic alliance with 30 suppliers, so he can provide diverse products mentioned above and provide surface treatment (electroplating, coating) as well as packaging. All processes from material handling, forming, processing, shipment to logistics are handled by IBH. Rita says she follows a strict set of standards, utilizing her specialty in purchasing to audit suppliers’ certificates, manufacturing equipment and quality.
“We have personnel on 24-hour standby through online instant messaging, so without stepping out of your front door, you can have access to IBH’s service. We also provide turnkey projects for clients to customize the production line they want to purchase, and organize the layout of equipment for them. We even headed to Africa and assembled testing equipment for our clients at the beginning of this year.” Providing one-stop integrated service, IBH is a consultant of fasteners and related products for global customers.

Product R&D and Customization
Reducing Costs and Improving Profits for Clients

IBH hired an R&D consultant who customizes and develops small screws, nuts, stamped parts and automotive parts to improve added values of products to satisfy clients of different levels and industries. As a member of Taiwan Soka Association, “Our ultimate goal is to become a leader of the industry that creates a supply chain alliance with our suppliers and clients which seeks mutual growth. We hope from very deep in our heart to help our clients create profits and achieve business growth. We also seek to create business opportunities with our suppliers and fulfill SOKA’s purpose to deliver blessings and happiness for everyone.
IBH values trust and flexible communication. It is a genuine Taiwanese service provider knowing the bolts and nuts of local fastener supply chain. “In this globalized market and the Internet era, we’ve come to realize that corporations of ‘a singular product or trade’ can no longer survive, so we opt for an all-in-one integration, namely the concept of ‘Company of One’.” In addition to Southeast Asia, India, Africa and other emerging markets, IBH’s products are sold to the U.S., Europe and other developed countries. Furthermore, orders from India have swarmed in IBH this year. IBH knows where to find the products that clients need most. If they choose IBH for their initial investment, they can expect multiple efficacy to come up later.

ISO-9001 , CE
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Screws & Fasteners for Construction & Fixing, Taiwan manufacturer, IBH


Button Head Socket Cap Screws

Chipboard Screws

Lag Screws

Roofing Screws

Self-drilling Screws

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Button Head Socket Cap Screws

Chipboard Screws

Lag Screws

Roofing Screws

Self-drilling Screws

Cap Screws

Collated Screws

Concrete Screws

Construction Fasteners

Bonded Washers

Deck Screws

Drywall Screws

6 Cuts/ 8 Cuts Self Drilling Screw

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Button Head Cap Screws

Carbon Steel Washers

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Tapping Screws / Thread Forming Screws / Machine Screws
Self Drilling Screws / Roofing Screws / EPDM Bonded Washers / EPDM Rubber Washers / Drywall Scrws / Deck Screws / Chipboard Screws
Concrete Screws / Window Frame Concrete Screws / Furniture Scrws
Stainless Steel Screws / Anchors

Socket Cap Screw / Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw /
Carriage Bolt (Round Head Square Neck Bolt, Coach Bolt) /
Hex Flange Bolt / Elevator Bolt / Shoulder Bolt / T-Bolt / Plow Bolt / Double End Stud / Wheep Stud / Hex Bolt

Hex Nylon Nut / Hex Flange Nylon Nut / Hex Flange Nut /
Hex Flange Weld Nut / Hex Weld Nut / Square Weld Nut /
Round Weld Nut / Round Base T-Nut / Tube End Nut

Best Sourcing for Machining Parts
Mechanical Accessories / Auto Parts / Motorcycle Parts /
Electronic Components / Metal Processing / Special Bolt & Nuts

Metal stamping technology increase production rates, reduce labor costs, provide higher safety levels for factory workers and fasten turnaround time ...
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