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Gwolian Machinery established in 1968 and has engaged in the hard market competition for 41 years. With its own unique features (patents), Gwolian has its sales volume more than 4000 sets and gained ISO-9001 and CE certification for years and has notably earned a global customer approval rating for 85% among business exporting to 32 countries. To expand its service criteria, Gwolian moved its plant to the Kaohsiung Environmental Science and Technology Park, and opened up its new office and factory in China, creating more satisfaction for customers all over the world. Gwolian is entrusted with the design and construction of Pay-offs, Rod cleaning preparation, Drawing machines, Spoolers, Take-ups , Drawing accessories. All the drawing machines will be able to process most kind of wire materials, such like High, mild and low carbon steel, Stainless steel, Copper, Brass, Alloy steel….etc. Gwolian offer a wide range of products and services including Training of customers’ personnel, Technical advice and assistance, Processing lines, and complete turnkey plant for Metal wire diameter 45mm ~ 0.25mm.

CE , ISO-9001
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2018-10-02  2018.10.21-23
International Fastener Show China 2018
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
2018-08-23  The 8TH All China – International Wire & Cable Industry Trade Fair
2018.9-26~29 Shanghai New International Expo Center

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不銹鋼整廠Stainless Turnkey

Steel Brush Descaler+Head Stand Type Wire Drawing Machine Model:DS SB 16+HCD 800W

Steel Brush Descaler+STCD Model: DS-SB7+1STCD-670/550X6B

Horizontal Wire Drawing Machine-APO ASV 30+TCD 900W


Wire Drawing Machine

Straightening Machine

Wire Processing Machinery

Overseas Factory / Branch
Main Product

Wire Drawing Machine

Straightening Machine

Wire Processing Machinery

1. Straight Line Type Wire Cold Rolling Drawing Machine (1 SDRD)2. Straight Line Type Wire Machine (1 STCD / SDCD)3. Storage Type Wire Drawing Machine     A. Vertical Type Single Deck Continuous           Wire Drawing Machine (1 VCDA)     B. Vertical Type Double Deck Continuous          Wire Drawing Machine (2 VCD)4. Handstand Type Wire Drawing Machine (One Die Block) (HCD)5. Wet Type Continuous Wire Drawing Machine (MT / FTHS)6. Non-Stop Coiler with one die block (FCD)7. Non-Stop Coiler (FCD)8. Non-Stop Coiler for Skinpass (FCD)9. Spooler (SPC)10. Multi-Wire Coiler/Spooler/ Pay-Off and Wire Collecting Equipment (for Chemical and Heat Treatment Wire)11. Combined Descaling Machine (DSC)12. Steel Brush Descaling Machine (DSC)13. Simple Type Bending Descaling Machine (DSC)14. Automatic Wire Feeding and Shaving Machine (Feeding and Straightening and Wire Shaving)15. Ribbed Wire Drawing Machine (HCDR)16. Ribbed Wire Drawing machine for Spooler (SPCD/SPCR)17. Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine (STN)18. Wire Rod Picking Process19. Spheroidizing Wire Annealing Furnace (ANF)20. Stainless Steel Wire Bright Solution Annealing Furnace (ANF)
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Wire Drawing Machinery / Turnkey Plant / Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine, Horizontal Type Wire Drawing Machine, Inverted Type Wire Drawing Machine, Horizontal Type Wire Drawing Machine, Steel Brush Type Descaler
Steel-Brush Type Descaler
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