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Automobile and special parts are usually produced by cold forming with multi-station machine s, especially 5 and 6 stations. High strength bolts and Anchor system are also our main product s. We can make different kinds of products as Wheel Bolt, Hammerhead Bolt, Welding bolts and special nuts.

~New Patented "AT Drive" from YOW CHERN~

After receiving the patents in the EU, USA, and Canada for its Aster Screws®, Yow Chern has recently released another innovative “AT Drive” patented in Taiwan, China, Europe, and USA. The AT Drive series offer various recess types, which fit closely with drill bits. Fastening them into wood is easy and fast, which not only increases efficiency and saves labor, but also avoids the annoying issues caused by screw loosening.

The Independent Team with All-inclusive R&D Capabilities
The team with robust R&D capabilities is the key to Yow Chern’s continuous improvement and growing know-how. Yow Chern’s R&D team is capable of design of multi-stroke dies & continuous combined dies and multi-axis CNC programming, many of which have been patented at home and abroad. Other than its all-inclusive manufacturing know-how, Yow Chern is also able to independently design dies, handle manufacturing procedures and realize the commoditization of products. Its recently released Aster Screws®, AT Drive, Wedge Anchor, and Screw Anchor have been also patented in Taiwan and many other countries due to their unique design.

Aster Screws® -Being One of the Bestsellers in Europe, America, and Canada
Yow Chern’s Aster Screws® and automotive fasteners are mainly sold to European, American, and Canadian markets, and most of its automotive fasteners (which are almost customized) are supplied to T1/T2 or OEM companies. With a strong team behind, Yow Chern continues to fulfil the TS16949 quality management system in the company and tries whatever it takes to reduce the defect rate of its products to the lowest level through times of Advanced Product Quality Planning and Production Part Approval Process.
Aster Screws® are characteristic of their unique thread types, which feature various 3D/4D/5D round cutting edges according to different outer diameters. Such a design is not only applicable to all wood screws and those made from carbon steel and stainless steel, but also is applicable to chipboard screws, particle board screws, decking screws, floor screws, and concrete screws.
The ability to penetrate into any materials fast and stable torque are two most impressive features of Aster Screws®. The torque of Aster Screws® is 25% lower than those of general wood screws, lower than that of Type 17, and is also 30% lower than that of general concrete screws.

Developing High-end Automotive Products; New Factory Establishment in Gangshan to be Scheduled
Yow Chern has been dedicated to the development of automotive, industrial, and special fasteners in recent years. In order to achieve this goal, Yow Chern has set up multi-stroke facilities to enhance its manufacturing capabilities and mainly utilizes 5-die/6-die machines on the production lines. In addition, it has also set up a CNC auto lathe division with the installation of 25 sets of CNC lathes and 3-/4-axis CNC milling machines and fulfilled strict IATF 16949 and ISO9001 quality management systems in the company, making it widely appreciated by European and U.S. customers.
Although the pandemic has forced many car manufacturers in Europe and America to halt production, leading to the requests from customers for deferring deliveries for 2-4 more weeks, Yow Chern still keeps normal operation and maintains smooth communication with customers for deliveries. On the other hand, considering the reduced number of cargo liners available for int’l shipments, Yow Chern suggests customers that they should maintain normal shipments for urgent demands in case of future shortage of products after they resume operation.
Looking forward, Yow Chern is planning to set up a new factory in Gangshan, introduce new manufacturing and auto warehousing facilities, enhance the computerization of its manufacturing procedures control, improve work efficiency, shorten lead times, promote service quality, apply for the ISO 14001 certification, and purchase new equipment to further strengthen its production efficiency and competitive edge on the global stage.

CE , IATF16949 , ISO/IEC-17025 , TAF , TORX & TORX PLUS & MAThread & MATpoint
YOW CHERN CO., LTD. IATF 16949 certification
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