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Fastener Fair Italy 2018

By Gang Hao Chang, Vice Editor-in-chief of Fastener World

The second edition of Fastener Fair Italy took place September 26-27 at MiCo (Milano Congressi Exhibition and Conference Centre). As part of a series of internationally renowned shows dedicated exclusively to fastener and fixing technologies, Fastener Fair Italy attracted the attendance of around 200 professional manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers from Italy, Turkey, Germany, etc. to showcase their latest products, technologies and service, including industrial fasteners and fixings, construction fixings, assembly and installation systems, fastener manufacturing technology, storage/distribution/factory equipment, etc.

This fair held in Italy where there is a vibrant fastener industry provided very good opportunities and played a significant role in helping participating companies present latest products, meet new and existing customers and establish business partnership, not to mention the fact that so many Italian leading brands considered the show a must-attend fair in their annual event calendar.

According to Fastener World’s onsite correspondent this year, “Italy has the 2nd largest manufacturing industry in the EU and the 6th in the world. Machinery & electrical equipment and semi-finished products represent over 50% of its total manufacturing revenues. Some analysts forecast that Italy’s fastener market will reach around 77 billion to 91 billion euros by 2020. Major fastener markets in Italy are machinery, automotive, aerospace, other transport, domestic goods and appliances and construction.”

Snapshots from Fastener Fair Italy 2018 (photos taken by Fastener World’s correspondent onsite)


Ambrovit is a leading player in fastener systems. The company sells a wide variety of products in terms of different types of screws and bolts as well as finishes and galvanic treatments. It has been also certified by UNI EN ISO 9001 and Euronorm 14529. (Contact: Ms. Simona Bricco at


Hatebur is a global developer of and solution provider for machines, tools and procedures for hot and cold forming. With employees in Switzerland, China, Japan and Germany, Hatebur could ensure the leading position on the market and in technology for hot and cold forming. (Contact: General Sales Manager Krause Schreiner at

Sariv S.R.L.

Sariv has been a leading producer and taking a significant position in the supply of blind rivets and blind rivet nuts for automotive, shipbuilding, construction, medical, household electrical appliances, etc. It is also able to supply a series of high performance hand operated and hydropneumatic tools for blind rivets and blind rivet nuts. (Contact:


Growermetal is a manufacturer specialized in the production of elastic, and flat washers as well as blanked parts according to customer’s specification and spring washers for railway. It is able to offer high quality products and services with certified processes according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949. (Contact:

Vorpa s.r.l.

Vorpa having powerful capabilities for R&D and a strong team shows its strengths like quality certified products, technical assistance, training & know-how, quick & timely deliveries, customized solutions, etc. Its major products include chemical anchors, heavy-duty anchors, light fixings, scaffolding anchors, insulation fixings, cladding & pipe fixings, masonry & HSS drills, etc. (Contact: Managing Director Roberto Vorabbi at

Dimac Srl

Dimac Srl made the debut of the new mobile optical inspection SPC measuring station with collaborative robot engineered for Industry 4 - SPC ROBOT at FF Italy 2018. The new machine features flexible handling, a smart camera, turboclean station, an easy touch screen and 2 high resolution cameras. Three different models (L-50/L-70/L-150) are now available. (Contact: Mr. Michele Napolitano at

Tecno Impianti S.r.l.

Tecno Impianti Srl has 20 years of experience in the construction of wire drawing machines for metallic wires, which are advanced from a technology point of view and permit its customers to be more competitive in their sectors. At today, there is at least one Tecno Impianti machine working in more than 50 countries in the world. (Contact:

Vision Srl

Vision designs and develops vision systems integrated with automated control, measurement and grading machines for the identification of dimensional and quality faults. It showcased its newest model “SIRIO 600” with capabilities for thread dimensional and integrity control and control of engravings and cracks on the side surfaces. (Contact: Managing Director Nicola Lo Russo at

T.I.T. Europe Srl

T.I.T. Europe markets and produces components, accessories, fastener & chemical systems for BRT and industrial fields. T.I.T. Europe is able to supply various fastening systems, adhesives & sealants for commercial vehicles, car care & detailing, components & accessories and special parts on drawing. (Contact: Sales Office Manager Marta Pacetti at

Sala Punzoni

As a leader in the production of special punches and flat dies, Sala Punzoni manufactures punches and special tools of standard profiles and specific designs in high speed steel and carbide material and flat dies of standard profiles and special designs in high speed steel with nitriding surface treatment. (Contact: Paola Bonalume at

Kaleliler Baglanti Elemanlari

Kaleliler is specialized in production of bolts, nuts and threaded rods for energy, wind turbines, power plants, petrochemical plants, bridge & tunnel constructions, industrial plants, steel constructions, airport constructions, machine industry, etc. It has been certified by ISO 9001:2018, ISO 14001, etc. (Contact: Assistant GM Demet MUMCU at

Marvit Fasteners

Being a specialist in structural bolts according to EN 14399 and EN 15048, Marvit’s products also include fasteners, threaded rods in different lengths, and tapping screws, machine screws and screws for plastic according to client’s drawing, which are all ready in sufficient quantity to meet market needs. (Contact:

Ettinger GmbH

Ettinger provides an extensive range of mechanical components for electronic production and is able to supply others in line with specific customer requirements. It has been certified by DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 for quality management and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management. (Contact: Int’l Sales Manager Gerard Lammers at


GEL manufactures alloy steel and stainless steel wire formed products for various applications. Moreover, the forming tools and dies used in its machining operations and manufacturing processes are all designed and produced by GEL’s own tooling department. (Contact:


Lusavouga is a supplier for all kinds of equipment for metalworking, fixing systems, chemical products for construction and industry, power tools, welding equipments and consumables, cutting tools, individual protective equipment, hand tools, compressed air equipments, oils and lubricants, etc. (Contact: Sales Manager Miguel Gomes at

SOM Fastener

Specialized in manufacturing custom nuts, cold formed parts and fasteners in accordance with the customer technical drawings, SOM Fastener is one of the market leaders by virtue of its, over quarter of a century experience. (Contact: Business Development & Marketing Manager Sevda Acar Demir at


Heroslam is a leader in the design and manufacture of thread rolling tools for manufacturers of screws, nails and fasteners, primarily geared toward the aeronautics and automotive industry. It has been also certified by ISO 9001:2015 (Contact: Borja Alava at

Tekelioglu Fasteners

Tekelioglu Bolts produces, markets and exports bolts, nuts and special fasteners. It produces standard fasteners as well as non-standard fasteners that are important parts of its production required by customers. (Contact: Export specialist, Mustafa Sinan BAYRAM at

PSM Celada Fasteners

PSM Celada Fasteners is a leader in the sale of a wide range of fasteners, providing innovative fastening and assembly solutions. Devoted to the distribution of high quality specialized fasteners, it has achieved a reputation of absolute excellence. (Contact: Technical Director Mauro Zonta at

Vibro Service

The company’s products includes industrial vibrators, vibrating bowls, linear vibrators, vibrating drives, vibrating hoppers, vibrating conveyors and elevators, linear feeding drives, bowl feeding drives, etc. It designs and manufactures automated systems for leading companies in the household appliance industry. (Contact: Sig. Riccardo Acquistapace at

Viteria Fusani

Viteria Fusani is a specialist in the production of iron, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and steel screws for every kind of application with always more sophisticated requirements and upon any specific request. (Contact:

For more info about exhibitions Fastener World will attend in 2018-2019, please contact Ms. Tina Chen (Foreign Dept.) at

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