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Fastener World's Exhibition Footprints in 2021-2020

Fastener World's Exhibition Footprints in 2021-2020

Show Title

Fastener World's Exhibition Footprints in 2020-2021

Date 2020

     Just before the opening hour at 10 a.m., Fastener World correspondent had seen hordes of visitors getting in long lines to enter Huntington Convention Center. Fastener Fair USA is the only exhibition in the U.S. dedicated to the full supply chain – distributors, mechanical and design engineers, purchasers, wholesalers and OEMs. Local American suppliers and buyers had prepared themselves for this show to make deals, place orders and grasp the rebound of market demand close to the end of the year. The U.S. is bound to further loosen up the restrictions on foreign travelers into the country.
     The show was a three-day event, including full-day pre-show conferences on November 8 and full-day exhibition on November 9 and 10. A significant feature of this show was the agreement made between the show organizer and International Fastener Machinery & Suppliers’ Association to combine Fastener Fair USA with International Fastener Manufacturing Exhibition. From fastener to automotive, aerospace, construction to furniture, buyers could find the purchasing sources they needed at Fastener Fair USA with the synergy of scale expansion.
     The number of exhibitors reached around 120 2021 (mostly from the east coast of the U.S.). 80% of the exhibitors were manufacturers, followed by distributors. Fastener World correspondent interviewed the exhibitors onsite. In her finding, the 2021 show still marked high fastener demand from OEMs and distributors. The correspondent handing out Fastener World publications at the show felt the strength of buyers’ demand. There were many visitors who expressed their interests in Fastener World publications, and they hoped to promote their products through the publications and the online platform. At the current stage where the predictability of the future has increased, the U.S. suppliers need to reach out to more buyers. After an industrial reshuffle, buyers have to be more active in evaluating existing suppliers and looking for new supply sources. The U.S. business opportunity from the stage is just for you to grasp on. The next edition of the show will be held at TCF Center. Stay with us for more U.S. fastener market update and the trend in future exhibitions.
一張含有 文字, 天花板, 室內, 人 的圖片自動產生的描述
     Open from October 6 to 8, the largest industrial show in west Japan closed with success by having 810 exhibitors to participate. The 3-day show had a total of 16.9 thousand visitors. Among 7 concurrent shows of the machinery and components industry, M-Tech was where Fastener World exhibited both online and onsite.
     Fastener World’s onsite representative in Japan was handing out Fastener World Magazines, China Fastener World Magazines, and Hardware & Fastener Components Magazines to visitors. Taiwan has increasingly gained publicity in Japan recently and more Japanese people than ever are taking an interest in Taiwanese products, in addition to the synergy of an ever intimate bond between Taiwan and Japan. On the first day of the show, the onsite representative witnessed many Japanese fastener buyers dropping by to get their hands on Fastener World publications. The representative asked the buyers and found many of them were in urgent need of seeking overseas sources of purchase after the pandemic outbreak. Taiwan providing high quality fasteners at relatively competitive prices becomes one of their options to purchase from. Quite a few Japanese buyers visited Fastener World’s booth and stated that they sought Fastener World’s assistance to locate Taiwanese suppliers.
     To answer the inquiries from onsite buyers, a Japanese-speaking Fastener World specialist was standing by online to work in tandem with the onsite representative through Zoom chat to help the buyers find Taiwanese suppliers. The specialist talked online with Japanese buyers each day of the show, including a large-scale industrial product distributor, an end-user company looking for thread rolling dies, a buyer for fastener manufacturing machines, and more. Based on what we experienced from this show, we have rounded up Japanese buyers’ criteria in selecting Taiwanese suppliers:
(1) Better to have JIS certificates and past work experience with Japanese companies.
(2) Ability to provide customized or standard products. (Standard products may have to be mass-produced.)
(3) Accepting to cooperate with Japan’s stringent quality check.
(4) The Japanese buyers look for long-term suppliers rather than a single purchase.
(5) Accepting large and/or small batch purchase orders designating box packaging or bag packaging, depending on products.
(6) The Japanese buyers prefer communicating with Japanese speaking contacts, or less preferably English speaking contacts. Few Japanese buyers employ Chinese speaking personnel to communicate on the purchase.
     These criteria signifies that Taiwanese suppliers must regard Japanese buyers as a long-term partner if they want to tap into the Japanese supply chain. They have to try the best to provide Japanese or English support to reduce communication barriers. So far, Fastener World has successfully connected Japanese buyers to Taiwanese suppliers with remarkable results. We hope to continue to create business opportunities for Taiwanese and Japanese fastener industries in the next edition of M-Tech Osaka which will be open again on October 5 to 7, 2022.
     The N. America’s largest industrial fastener, fastening tools, and related machinery B2B trade show, International Fastener Expo (IFE) was successfully held at Mandalay Bay Convention Center on Sep. 22-23 in 2021 and was the first physical event since it had been held virtually since 2020 due to the pandemic. The number of participants was around 2,000. Most of them were manufacturers, distributors, traders, and retailers from USA, Canada, and Mexico expecting to establish connection with potential buyers and expand sales. Exhibits included various sorts of fasteners for industrial, construction, aerospace, and automotive applications, electronics fasteners, special fasteners, tools & machinery, hand/power tools, and related solutions. Fastener World was also present with our latest issues (incl. Fastener World / China Fastener World/ Hardware & Fastener Components / Emerging Fastener Markets) to discover more local business opportunities for advertisers.
     According to statistics of the organizer, 88% of attendees in 2021 were from USA and more than 61% of them were distributors of fasteners and/or related products. Over 70% of exhibitors said that IFE was a must-attend event every year. In addition to offering a networking place for visitors and suppliers, the organizer also held several sessions on surface finishes, post-covid supply chain, factory environment improvement, AI, e-commerce, pricing model, etc. in order to offer exhibitors and visiting buyers diverse attending experience. IFE will take place again on Oct. 18-19 (exhibition), 2022. For more exhibition info or latest U.S. market updates, please contact us at