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About Company

Yuh Chyang Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 1991, is fulfilling its promise to provide the most suitable solutions to all customers' requirements in the hardware field. Based on "deliberate production skill, operational improvement, and endless innovation", the mission of Yuh Chyang is to sustain the users' satisfaction in all respects of applications.

Situated in An Nan District, the Suburb of Tainan City, Yuh Chyang is highly integrated with the modern facilities and the coordinated management. Though it is not in the hardware industry long enough, Yuh Chyang has accumulated its own abundant production experiences and knowledge.

In order to increase the innovative value of the enterprise, Tsay Sheng Tzeng, President of Yuh Chyang Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd. realized that R&D should be extended from the laboratory to the outside market. R&D engineers shouldn’t just stay in laboratories but go out to see customers’ demand and market trends for developing heart-touching products.

In this competitive era, market change and new substitutes may turn up and catch you off guard. Insistence on professional techniques and strict quality control is the reason that Yuh Chyang can firmly establish itself in the industry. However, this alone is not enough because a good product requires proper sales/production strategy to head out and reach the designated market. In light of this, President Tzeng shares with us his profession as well as the elements that turn Yuh Chyang into a popular brand in the industry.

TS16949 Certification & Product Stability
Certified with TS16949 for over 10 years, Yuh Chyang is well familiar with various CNC lathes operating. It introduced Citizen precision computer-control CNC lathes, measuring instrument, and testing equipment of Japanese brand to achieve complete control of the manufacturing process. In addition, Yuh Chyang is capable of designing and making customized measuring & testing equipment that inspect each finished product to ensure the compliance of precision parts with a tolerance of 0.005mm required by the clients.

Insistence on Sustainable Customer Relationship
Over 80% of Yuh Chyang’s customers have been cooperating with it for over 10 years, and for those cases from sampling to mass production to date, Yuh Chyang has maintained stable quality with no customer complaint. Yuh Chyang’s insistence on quality is the one and only key to long-term cooperation with customers. President Tzeng said, “Yuh Chyang’s main products are difficult parts to meet high level of safety and technical requirement. Good quality without causing any trouble to customers can help establish excellent customer relationships in the long run. As a result, every time when a frequent customer is to submit a new case that requires higher technical and quality level, Yuh Chyang is the first one that comes to mind.” President Tzeng said proudly, “The most difficult customer he met years ago has now become the best friend and Yuh Chyang’s biggest customer, and only such insistence can bring forth sustainability.” Yuh Chyang’s focus on quality control resulted in the customers’ trust in its products, good reputation, and stable cooperation in the long term.

Passion & Teamwork
President Tzeng said frankly that reasonable profit is no doubt the power source for providing the best service. Let’s say, if “profits” are the physiological needs, then the “sense of achievement” generated from initial sample developing to mass production, fulfills Tzeng’s “psychological needs.” President Tzeng loves to try and put together new techniques in his free time, and his passion for R&D goes from himself to all the staff of Yuh Chyang. The company sets up designated projects for special cases, and dispatches the projects to different exclusive QC personnel to supervise from sample making to manufacturing, mass production, and inspection. “Everyone is well aware of his or her duty, and each specific case is handled by exclusive personnel. Through this, we can ensure consistency in quality requirement.”

Open-mindedness & International Insights
“Stepping out of your own box” is the key to stretching your techniques to the market. Over the years, Yuh Chyang has been proactively attending global exhibitions, including National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo, Fastener Fair Stuttgart, Fastener Fair Hannover, Int’l Hardware Fair Cologne, and fastener expos in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Through exhibitions, the company can not only increase its presence but also witness the market trend and technical exchange. If you happen to come across Yuh Chyang in a fair, feel free to drop by because it could be your ”best business partner” for success.
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Crossing over to New Medical Components
Yuh Chyang is reputable for micro precision fasteners and components for spheres of automobiles/motorcycles. It supplies safety parts for core engines and brak...

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