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About Company

Established in 2005, Modern Alloy Plating Co., Ltd. mainly provides surface treatment such as Electrocoating, Zinc-Nickel Alloy Plating, Acid Zinc Plating, and Electrolysis Polishing for High-Corrosion Resistance Stainless Steel and other applications. Based on the Environmental Science & Technology Park, Benzhou, Gangshan Township, this alloy plating factory was constructed in November 2006, having the area of 8,625 square meters. The entire design of the factory is in line with the German standard, and most of the equipments are imported from Europe. It not only introduced the first ion exchanger (an automatic recycling and quality control system for passivation solutions) in Taiwan, but it also differs from traditional factories it controls the quality with its professional staff members. The ion exchanger not only avoids contaminations with foreign substances, but also controls the quality (passivation solution compound) precisely. In addition, each treatment bath is equipped with own rectifier, therefore it costs much more than ordinary facilities provided with only one rectifier for every three bathes. With so much investment made in this alloy plating factory, Modern Alloy Plating has sufficient confidence in services for the fastener industry in Taiwan. Our processing facility comprise plating lines, passivation lines, sealing lines, temper ovens for hydrogen relief, in-procecc control, and passivation solution recycling systems (all full automatic and computer- controlled). Our laboratory is equipped and control quality with Salt Spray Testers, UV Spectrophotometer, Atom Absorption Spectrometers, X-Ray Plating Thickness Tester, Mini Barrel Plating Machines, Hull Cell Tester, Potentiometric Titration, and a internal chemical analysis. Additional we can precisely check all dimensions of your parts with our newest Automatic Optical Sorting Machine. All these accurate equipments are controlled by specialized talents. Modern Alloy Plating has currently become one of the biggest automatic alloy-plating factories in Taiwan, and all of its major customers are the ones producing automobile fasteners, construction fasteners and hardware.

Asian Top Electroplater to Launch Alkalic Galvanizing in March,2021
In line with the U.S./Europe and Above Asia
On the forefront of innovation, Modern Alloy Plating sweeps the world with its reputation as the leader in both Asia and Taiwan, providing fastener electroplating service that is in line with and even above American, European and Japanese standards. Each year President Shih visits overseas trade shows of surface treatment and top-notch elcetroplaters in the U.S and Europe to acquire knowledge and adopt advanced equipment. He seeks to make surface treatment a strength in fastener supply chain, to help break away from companies engaged in price war. and improve fastener industry competitiveness.

New Alkalic Galvanizing Line Coming up!
For the last 15 years, the company has established connections with American and European fastener importers and become their designated elcetroplater in Taiwan. When it comes to Salt Spray Test, MAP has topped the Asian platers on sealing and coating processes and continues to hone in on fastener anti-corrosion performance. It is already on par with and even has surpassed global advanced electroplating technology. Global customers can rest assured and let the company handle their purchased fasteners. It is announcing in Fastener World Magazine to launch an alkalic galvanizing line in March with an ultra-quality that is sure to become the jewel in the crown.

The all-new alkalic galvanizing line features:
● Better result of deep hole electroplating.
● Uniform plating thickness.
● Superior rust and corrosion resistance over acidic galvanizing.

Higher Quality with Lab Certification
Along with certificates approved by Renault and Daimler, the company became IATF 16949-certified in 2018. BMW's purchasing unit in Taiwan visited the company and gave high ratings in an audit. GM certificate is still underway and a little postponed due to the pandemic, but the company is vigorously working on it. The latest breakthrough is lab certification which is roughly completed and awaits generating a certificate.
Pressing Against Challenges from the Pandemic

President Shih said to Fastener World Magazine:“The last two years have forced tremendous pressure on Taiwanese fastener industry. First there was the trade war between the U.S. and China, and then came the pandemic, both seriously impacting order intake and delivery. As part of the supply chain, Modern Alloy Plating is no exception to the pandemic.” The virus creates longer distances in human contact, and forces restaurants to move dining activities from indoors to outdoors. This means the fastener industry must improve corrosion resistance for surface treatment to be able to cope with the world trend.”
The company took the opportunity to refine production line during the p...

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