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Meet the New TFA Chairman
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         At the end of last year, Taiwan Fastener Association (TFA) had a newly elected Chairman, Mr. Chiao-Tai Chen. At the start of this year, the Taiwanese construction market and multiple large events took the brunt of the outbreak of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) originated in Wuhan City of China. The Taiwanese domestic market has had a few ups and downs which added up to the mixed feelings of and concerns of domestic fastener business owners. Therefore, Fastener World editors paid a visit to Chairman Chen for an interview in which he shared his thoughts on the domestic market and the Association as well as his words to the members.
Shaping the 30th Year of TFA Together
        Last year, the Association organized an inspection team to Mongolia, in addition to holding a gala in spring, a directors and supervisors meeting and a two-day social activity. Chen said from his heart that the precious thing about the Association is that the members are well-consolidated, harmonious and don’t compete for unjust cause to maintain stability and facilitate consolidation for the Association.
        As for the arrangements for 2020 which are raising the interests of the members, Chen said the Association has reached its significant 30th anniversary, but he also pointed out the global impact of epidemic virus has made the Taiwanese people work together and take precautions against the virus. The Association is closely watching the development of the epidemic and looking to arrange the annual activities and the historically-significant 30th annual assembly.
Welcoming 8 New Members to the Association
        Focusing on the domestic fastener market, to date the number of TFA members has grown to around 150  countrywide. 80% out of them are distributors and 20% are collaborative factories. The Association is in steady incremental development. On top of that, the addition of 8 new members adds strength to the association's growth in 2020. “I'd like to thank the 8 new members for their support to the Association, and all other members for their support, help and feedback. The current annual domestic revenues for the Taiwanese market reach billions of NTDs. We have to be more consolidated, uphold the founding spirit of the Association, help increase the members and continue to drive the growth of Taiwanese fastener market,” said Chen.
2nd-generation Alliance,  New Vigor for TFA Going Onwards
         TFA has grown for over 50 years, and the domestic fastener business owners are facing the critical phase of business succession. Chen said the Association has established 2nd-generation successors alliances in northern, central and southern Taiwan as a stage for the successors to exchange thoughts and demonstrate their strengths. The alliances in central and southern Taiwan were established first, and the northern alliance with 20 members was established on February 27, 2020. On issues regarding business succession, Chen suggested the current business owners should lay out the groundwork on factory environment and finance for the successors, encourage and respect the successors’ creativity, and give them the stage to demonstrate their strengths while maintaining thorough communication with them.
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