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Industry Activities 

The Master with Critical CNC Machining Technology - Yuh Chyang
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         Well-known for its robust manufacturing capabilities, the precision CNC machined parts manufacturer in Taiwan, Yuh Chyang Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd., has been designated by major European Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to car manufacturers as an exclusive supplier for parts used in their engine, transmission, and braking systems. The products of Yuh Chyang featuring high precision and aesthetic appearance have not only successfully won the appreciation of many European/American customers, but also have earned the company a leading position in the automotive CNC market. Moreover, Yuh Chyang, which keeps enhancing its manufacturing capabilities, has also introduced some Japanese lathes in recent years, in order to optimize the precision and improve the quality of its products.
The All-new Plant with a More Tightened Security Level
        After moving into the 3,636 net sq. m new plant, Yuh Chyang then invested a great amount of capital in introducing high-precision lathes from Japan, not only significantly enhancing the precision of its products, but also upgrading the details and durability of finished products to a higher level. Yuh Chyang does not care about how much capital it has invested, but how much effort it has made to improve its manufacturing technology and quality. In addition, it has also greatly increased the security level of the new plant, had the well-arranged ventilation systems installed, increased natural light in the plant, offered a better workplace to employees, and introduced automated facilities to lower its labor cost.
Strong Manufacturing Capabilities Without Fear of Competition and Challenges
         Despite declines in some of its products sales, the sales of Yuh Chyang’s new products in 2019 have somewhat offset the situation. “It’s very hard to find a substitute for our products in the market, and our experience in manufacturing and technology both act as the force to drive us to extend our reach to different businesses,” said President Tsay-Sheng Tzeng. “As we have the core manufacturing technology, courage, and strengths, we could finally survive the gloomy day in 2019.”
        Lots of domestic or overseas manufacturers would reject orders for products with high risk. However, this is at all times not a case for President Tzeng, who fears not giving something a go or making a large investment. “We used to manufacture products made from unique materials with the requirement for advanced manufacturing technology and we also used special manufacturing modes to increase the quality and yield of products. That is why all of the companies in collaboration with Yuh Chyang have been quite satisfied with our products and keep expressing their will to maintain long-term collaboration with us,” said President Tzeng.
Winning Customers’ Trust with Honesty and Quality
        Yuh Chyang, which maintains long-term collaboration with many international leading brands, continues to supply products with consistent quality and achieves years of excellent records of “no customers’ complaints. “With years of experience in manufacturing special CNC machined parts, we can soon realize where the customer’s product is applied; and therefore, we will focus on specific details of the product while manufacturing,” said President Tzeng. 
        Having 100% of its products exported to Europe and America, Yuh Chyang has been in collaboration with customers in these regions for years. Such a close collaboration significantly reinforces the trust of these customers in Yuh Chyang, and Yuh Chyang could also realize these customers’ demands in return. For instance, Yuh Chyang has recently received a big order from a European leading company, which it has been in collaboration with for a long period of time, agreeing to switch all of the orders of its subsidiaries to Yuh Chyang. This is the best proof to Yuh Chyang’s capabilities.
        Looking forward, Yuh Chyang expects to take advantage of its precision manufacturing technology to extend its reach to products relevant to medical treatment. On the other hand, in terms of the impact the future electric vehicle market may bring, President Tzeng said unworriedly, “Every type of vehicle still requires a great number of machined parts. So, the key point remains to be: Customers will be happy to place orders to you if you could manufacture products to a quality level meeting their expectations.” 
Contact: Tsay Sheng Tzeng   
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