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Industry Activities 

Introducing German Fine Blanking, Domas’ New Office Has More Capabilities to Serve Foreign Customers
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     Domas Hardware Co., Ltd. has reached its 50th anniversary milestone in 2020! Its factory of more than 2,645 sqm (28,470 sqf) provides customers with ODM/OEM service of automotive/motorbike stamped parts and furniture caster parts. Its monthly revenue is around 5 million NTD (170,000 USD). In order to actively extend its business reach to more int’l markets and diversify its customer portfolio, Domas then launched its new office upgrade program this year and have had it finished with a new ambiance this Sep.
Introducing German “Fine Blanking” Technology and Outpacing Others with Better Stamping Results
     In earlier time when Domas was incepted, it was more like an OEM for domestic trading companies. Later, with the gradual accumulation of technique and equipment, Domas started to increase its order intake from abroad.
     Sales manager Michael Huang, with years of experience in int’l marketing management and parts processing, said, “Generally speaking, the application of traditional stamping technology will easily result in fractures, causing quality issues for subsequent processing steps. However, since 2004 Domas has introduced from abroad the advanced “Fine Blanking Components” manufacturing procedure and made-to-order machines, significantly reducing the occurrence of fractures and creating even & smooth surface of finished products, which can also further enhance the quality of electroplating. What we already invested in have not only made the quality of our automotive parts and furniture caster parts get ahead of other competitors still using traditional stamping, but also have successfully brought us into U.S., Japanese, and the Middle East markets in the past 2-3 decades.”
Not Just an OEM, but ODM
     Thus far, Domas has mainly focused on satisfying its Middle East customers’ demand for automotive seat belt pretensioner parts and its U.S. and Japanese customers’ demand for furniture caster parts. Up to 80% of its cooperation with customers are ODM cases. When customers submit their product drawings, the team of Domas can help them improve design and develop new products. Moreover, they can offer peripheral service if customers have extra requests for hole drilling, tube bending, CNC machining/milling, to name a few. Domas’ principles of considering customers’ interests and product performance its priority have made it win the trust of world leading automotive safety system manufacturers and many other big brands.
     Huang added, “Our insistence on quality is as strict as our customers’ requirements for quality. In order to manufacture certain products satisfying to customers, we have even invested a great deal of capital for times in acquiring machines to develop auto parts for customers. Such effort made our caster parts successfully enter U.S. warehouse approach of DIY products, enabling local customers to get access to our products in a faster and more convenient way. Looking forward, we are also considering setting up an independently operating quality inspection division to achieve a manufacturing procedure that is more complete and works based on specialization.”
Next Target: Australian Stamped Building Hardware Market
     The ISO 9001-certified Domas is gifted with the ability to communicate with customers. Over the past decades it has gained several loyal customers from the U.S., Japan, and the Middle East. After sales manager Huang took the helm of the sales division, he then planned to develop new markets, hoping to make the Company’s sales more diversified. Huang noted, “Australia, in particular, will be Domas’ focused market for development in the next 3-5 years. In addition, it will also work hard to improve quality control over products and apply for certification, in order to gain more advantages to stand out in future challenges.”
Contact: Michael Huang      
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