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Chipboard Screw, case hardened, Angle 28 degree point, Yellow Zinc & Brass plated available.

Material: C-1006/1008/1022 Carbon Steel.
Head Style: Philip or Torx or Pozi , CSK Flat Head. Pan Head, Oval Head.
Finish: White Zinc Plated or Zinc Yellow Plated. Black Phosphated. Brass Plated.
             Nickel Plated. Anti Brass Plated.
Packing: In small box or Bulk carton or Poly Bag or Plastic Bucket packed.
Size: M2.5x10mm to M6.0x 240mm.for Chipboard screws.
     M7.5 X40mm to 60mm. For Conformat Screw
     M6.3x10.50mm/11.50mm/13.50mm/16.50mm/25mm for Euro Screws.  
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