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About Company
Model / Specification
Screws, Rods, Bolts, Wires
Country of Origin
Surface Treatment
Screws, Rods, Bolts, Wires
carbon steel
Screws, Rods, Bolts, Wires
Iron Or Steel Wire Rod
Screws, Rods, Bolts, Wires
Head Marking
Screws, Rods, Bolts, Wires
Screws, Rods, Bolts, Wires
Minimum Order Quantity
Screws, Rods, Bolts, Wires
Detailed Description
Tycoons Corporation was founded in November 1980 and was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in January 1995. Adhering to its operating philosophy “Innovation, Self Transcending, Quality Assurance, Customer Satisfaction”, Tycoons Corp. produces spheroidized annealed wire, screws and also develops building screws and automotive fasteners. On the basis of our original products and technology, we provide sophisticated equipment and R&D technology through Tycoons (Thailand) and produce wire rods and supply directly to our domestic (Taiwan) customers.

In order to integrate the upstream and downstream of this industry for stabilizing the raw material sources, Tycoons Corporation reinvested Tycoons (Thailand) in 1996 to produce rolled steel, wire rod, spheroidized annealed wire, screw, etc. In 2012, it reinvested TY Steel Company Limited for building an electric steel furnace plant. This plant is scheduled to produce billets. It has started electric furnace in 2014, accomplishing the consistent vertical integration of technology for which we strive for, becoming an all-time best partner for our worldwide customers.
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