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New Fastener LLC

About Company

New Fastener LLC is a specialist in construction fasteners. The company has been manufacturing quality screws in Haiyan, China since 1996. Among New Fastener’s wide range of products are:

-Drywall Screw
-Deck Screw
-Self Tapping Screw
-Self Drilling Screw
-Chipboard Screw
-Cement Board Screw
-Wood Screw
-Collated Screw
-Stainless Steel Screw

The company also has the experience and expertise in producing customized part, and deliver final products in any kind of package the customers may require, e.g. bucket, color box with display window, or pallet case.

New Fastener LLC has invested heavily in its production capacity and streamlined the entire manufacturing process. In addition to the screw heading, threading, drilling point pinching, it also operates wire drawing facilities, as well as its own coating line FastCoat. FastCoat is a high-performance (SST 1500+ hrs) ACQ compliant coating technology that can be manufactured to any color to suit customers’ specific aesthetic needs.

New Fastener exports worldwide, and offers global sourcing & shipment consolidation services to reduce customers’ procurement cost.

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