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About Company

YiTi Mold Enterprise Co., Ltd was established in October, 2003 and has been one of the young leading manufacturers specializing in the production of cold heading forming toolings, like Header punches, Hexagon punches, Trimming dies, K.O.Pins, Heading dies, Nut Forming Dies, Thread rolling dies, Self Drill Pointing Dies, Grippers / Fingers and special parts for customization. Our worldwide customers are including Argentina, Australia,Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, India, Iran, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal,Turkey,Thailand,U.A.E, U.S.A...etc. Our promises to customers are to supply high quality, competitive price, timely delivery and reliability of products and services. Moreover, we are devoted to continuous Research & Development to satisfy customers’ demand. We use the steel materials with the best quality from Japan & Europe and high precision equipment, for example: Profile Projector, 2D Profile Projector & 2.5D Optical Measuring Projector, and so on to inspect and ensure quality before goods delivery. Undoubtedly, we are able to offer immediately technical support and total solutions in forming tools making. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our services and the excellent quality we offer....

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YI TI MOLD ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.  Online Catalogues
Hex Recess Punches
Recess Punches
Square Punches, Hexagon Punches
Thread Rolling Die Plates
Trimming Dies
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Main Product

Carbide Dies

Recess Punches

Square Punches, Hexagon Punches

Thread Rolling Die Plates

Trimming Dies

First Punch Dies

Multi-die Punches

Pozi Punches

Hex Recess Punches

Header Punches
Thread Rolling Dies

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Header Punches,6-Lobe Header Punches,Hex Header Punches,Square Header Punches,Pin Punches,Customization,Ejector Pins,Headling Dies,Thread Rolling Dies,Trimming Dies,Segmented Carbide Dies,Multi-Die Punches,Cut-Off Knives,Grippers,Forming Parts
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