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Kwantex Research Inc. is specialized in screw design, research and development, we are one of the few enterprises in Taiwan who own the most fastener patents and collaborate with many outstanding fastener companies over the world on innovative products. The lately developed KTX-Torpedo screw has brought about the market attention and many customers have shown their high interests. Let’s see why it attracts so many user’s attention.


Why is KTX-Torpedo screw called High-Quality Screw?

The Torpedo thread design can fast grip the wood surface, quick start, cut wood fiber and drive easily when installation, it provides the function of effort-saving, anti-split and reduces tiredness of end-users.

The special Tornado ribs design underneath the head offers better control when seating the head providing nice flush with a clean finish.

The new advanced “indented” Tornado ribs design can be used on both hinge and woods directly, and the screw head can seat flatly and smoothly on the hinge to make a beautiful appearance.

The patented KTX Locking drive provides good stick-fit quality with special KTX bit and reduces wobbling, even enables one-hand operation. If you prefer a higher quality drive, KO drive (KTX drive with hole) will be your best choice.

KO drive is with a concave hole in the center that offers more stable fitting quality with KTX bit, stronger torque transfer, no wobbling or cam-out, and compatible with KTX+pin bit, KTX bit and Square bit. Other recesses such as Combo (Phillips + Square), Square, Torx, Phillips and Pozi are optional.

In addition, we adopt special steel material with special quenching and tempering that makes the bending angle greater than 90°, the screw can reach high ductility to avoid the risk of screw breakage. We also supply stainless steel screw, the high-quality stainless steel material is made by special production process which makes stainless steel KTX-Torpedo screws with high torque value, high tensile strength and without screw break off into hardwood.

Besides, Kwantex’s KTCOCoating passed 2000hrs salt spray test and 15 cycles kesterenich test. We also acquired European C4 Approval in Year 2011 and proved KTCOCoating is suitable for Corrosivity Category C4 according to the classification stipulated in SS-EN ISO 12944-2.

In order to comply with EU CE Mark Directive, Kwantex has officially obtained Certificate of Conformity, the results are in compliance with the requirements of the Directive & Applied Standard(s): Article 7 of 89/106/EEC & EN 14566:2008 + A1:2009.

With all the advantages above, KTX-Torpedo screws offer end-users an easy, simple, fast and secure way for installation.

Offer more than you expect

As a screw expert, we have professional teams to provide R&D capability, marketing support, quality assurance and prompt service to customers. Especially, the new “production online system” service is available for customers to check the production status of every order, release information, quality report and even the shipped history on line. Most of our customers are very pleased with production online system that helps them understand their order status and shipping information just between the figures.

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