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Industry Activities 

John Chen Releases New Screws John Tek (YUS550) Ready to Sweep the Market
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John Chen Releases New Screws

John Tek (YUS550) Ready to Sweep the Market


 by Tanya Shih, Fastener World Inc.


John Chen Screw Ind. Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the manufacture and sales of stainless steel screws, self-drilling screws, customized screws, and stainless steel wire in the range of medium-to-high level screws, and has taken a significant presence in the market for a long time. As a fastener developer, President John Chen proudly demonstrated the newly developed John Tek NSSC550 (YUS550) after 16 years of R&D. He made an advance announcement that by 2014 the company could achieve a 30% increase in its annual revenue.


Perfect Screws with Drilling, Tapping, Corrosion Resistant Capability


In order to develop a perfect screw with drilling, tapping, and corrosion resistant capability, President Chen noticed the trend ahead of the market and negotiated with a Japanese supplier manufacturing wire containing nickel and molybdenum (with a patent valid for 20 years) starting from 1994 and was finally allowed to get the wire after 1996. Getting the wire is just the beginning to achieve success. In order to obtain the key technology of wire forging, John Chen purchased heat treating furnaces for tempering, adjusted procedures, and negotiated with wire suppliers for getting the key technology,
which required a long period of R&D and nearly NTD70 million capital and labor investment. “We can definitely say that the successful development of a new product represents the growth and achievement of a company,” added President Chen.


The new screw has been certified in the 3,000+ hours of salt spray tests conducted by two labs. In addition to certification of its corrosion resistant capability, other attributes like surface hardness, mandrel hardness, torque, and tensile strength are clearly shown in the testing data sheets. The excellence of John Tek NSSC550 lies in the requirement for nearly 0ppm quality and its price lower than that of Bi-Metal by 15-35%. This product has been privately circulating in the market since 2013 through orders of existing customers and gained great admiration. The slogan of “Replacement of Bi-Metal” also spurred its success further. In 2014, John Tek NSSC550 will be officially available in the market and the success won’t be far away.


New Face in the New Year

John Chen’s factory spans the area of 19,173sqm in Linkou, Taoyuan and jointly partners with the Yanmei based wire drawing factory. It has 6,500 product types and 3,000 tons of wire in stock. The vertical chain integrating production and sales offers flexibility and accurate lead-time. Products are sold to over 70 countries including Europe, the U.S., and Japan. In addition to the new product, John Chen has invested NTD0.14 billion in 2012 and expects to invest NTD60 million again in 2014 in purchasing new production and product testing equipment. John Chen not only lifts high waves in the market, but also shows its vibrant growth potential.

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