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Industry Activities 

Flashback: Hisener & CTSP Manufactory
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     We are bringing you back to 2 cover stories of the last months: “Hisener’s new plant to launch in August” and “CTSP headed for high-end markets”. Hisener has become one of the largest international fastener suppliers. CTSP Manufactory is going for 0ppm targeting high-end market.
Hisener mainly provides screws and has exported 87 thousand tons of screws in the past two years, up 17%. As one of the biggest fastener suppliers in the world, Hisener offers over 4 thousand types of fasteners. It will complete a new plant this August to raise capacity to 1,500 tons per month… (Read full story)
CTSP is an automotive and electronics parts supplier recognized by global high-end industries. It assumes that customers require 0ppm in their purchase orders and will develop precision products within +-0.01 tolerances to serve customers from more advanced industries… (Read full story)
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