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Industry Activities 

Bi-Mirth Corp.- Premium Taiwan-made Wood Screws to Catch Eyes at Fastener Fair USA
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Fastener Fair USA Booth No. 328
Toughest Guard for Construction Safety
     Bi-Mirth is known throughout the world with its highly acclaimed premium wood screws, self-drilling screws and concrete screws. It handles manufacturing, electroplating, painting, packaging (via its own packaging plant), and provides outsourced heat treatment. It masters extraordinary manufacturing capability, specifically good at long wood screws, concrete screws, self-drilling screws and customized screws. On top of the patent Quick Drill Screw series, OEM and ODM service adds up to the list of available capabilities, which all in all culminate in this trump card: Bi-Mirth R&D.
Enlarging Certification Coverage
     Bi-Mirth is now certified to ETA, CE and ICC. Particularly with ICC, its products are proven to meet quality level for outstanding safety in fastening buildings. For clients, this is an extra protection and gives them peace of mind. Lately they have been asking if other products are certified to ICC, so Bi-Mirth is testing other products with ICC test labs, looking to expand certification coverage.
     Additionally, clients are demanding more for product compliance with extreme environments in recent years. To prove the surface-treated and painted screws can endure extreme environments, Bi-Mirth passed C4 certification and now provides robust fastening support against the challenges under global extreme temperatures. This has brought them numerous loyal clients from the U.S. and Europe.
Targeting Fastener Importers in Fastener Fair USA (Cleveland)
     Bi-Mirth is one of the booths attracting many visitors every time it attends international shows. The goal in Cleveland this time is keeping in touch with existing clients, as well as gaining new American clients and exploring their future needs. While fastener importers are the main targets, other visitors demanding construction fasteners are all welcome. For wood screws, Bi-Mirth booth will feature truss head and hexagon washer head screws which are both ICC-certified long screws. “We have been stressing on product development. We deliver great products with quality guarantee. That’s how we are able to gain return customers,” said the company.
Meet Bi-Mirth Again at IFE, Largest U.S. Fastener Show in September
     Bi-Mirth observes a slower growth in global demand over the last 2 years due to inflation. It is currently monitoring the U.S. market and presidential election coming up in November. Market deployment will be in place accordingly. This year the company will keep the marketing in the U.S. as before and exhibit in International Fastener Expo (Las Vegas) in September. That includes visiting local clients before or after the Cleveland and Las Vegas shows. While the past 4 years saw all walks of life returning to normal conditions, new challenges will arise this year. No matter what, Bi-Mirth continues on the niche and expertise gained in the construction screw market, hoping everyone will find the silver lining in a crisis and arrive at a bright future.
Contact: Ms. Miko Shih
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