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Industry Activities 

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary, Jieng Beeing Seeks to Become a Global Brand
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     “Jieng Beeing Enterprise Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of thread rolling dies, punches and segments for various fasteners, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the group in January 2024.”
     Jieng Beeing is not only the first manufacturer of thread rolling dies in Taiwan, but also has created its own unique "JP" brand of screw dies. In the growing process of the company, it not only has introduced a large number of fully automated production equipment and advanced processing equipment and uses high-quality materials to enhance the quality of products on one hand, but also has actively obtained the licenses of certain patent screws and punches from Europe, the U.S., Canada and other countries (such as MATHREAD® patent and Conti patent) on the other hand. At the same time, it has also strengthened the cross-border technological cooperation in order to lay a solid foundation for the overall business expansion and globalization of Jieng Beeing.
     In addition to its headquarters in Taiwan, Jieng Beeing Group also has manufacturing plants in Dongguan & Haiyan (China) and Binh Duong Province (Vietnam). It has been certified by the ISO 9001:2015 in 2022. With a synergy of the vertical division of labor and horizontal integration among its factories and service operations, the Group provides one-stop services to the global industry in real time, which are specifically tailored to meet the different needs of customers. Its industry-leading and high-quality thread rolling dies, punches and segments have been sold really well in major markets such as Europe, America, Asia, the Oceania and Africa for many years.
     "It's hard to start a company, but it's even harder to grow it steadily for 50 years and achieve record high revenues. Thanks to the investment of the company's 95 shareholders, Jieng Beeing has grown to the scale it is today. We are also grateful for the support of our associate suppliers of raw materials, machining centers, cutting tools, grinding wheels, etc., enabling us to produce great products, as well as the support of many of our employees and their families behind, who have dedicated their lives to the company. More importantly, we’d like to appreciate our loyal customers who have continued to love and trust Jieng Beeing for 5 decades and who have been helping us to improve our quality through their valuable suggestions and requests, so that we can continue to be profitable and thrive," said President Hui-Chung Chen, who plays a key role as one of the group's helmsmen.
     While celebrating the important milestone of 50 years of development, Jieng Beeing has set for itself an ambitious goal of becoming the largest and most stable supplier of fastener dies in the greater China region in such a highly competitive market, and will work hard to strive towards the ultimate goal of becoming a globally recognized brand.
     "I’m convinced that we will have another wonderful 50 years to go. We look forward to your continued support and assistance to Jieng Beeing in the years to come," said President Chen.
Jieng Beeing contact: Special Assistant of G.M Susan Tung
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