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International Fastener Show China 2019

Date 2019/06/11-2019/06/13


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Fastener Expo Shanghai 2019 attracted more than 800 fastener producers and equipment suppliers and was visited by over 30,000 decision makers, purchasers and engineers from fastener distributing/trading, automotive, auto parts, construction, machinery, furniture, aerospace, railway, shipbuilding industries. This year, more new e-commerce platforms came to exhibit during the show, which seems to create a trend in the domestic fastener sales market of China.
Celebrating the 10th Anniversary, Fastener Expo Shanghai 2019 held a “Fastener Gala Night” on the opening day, in which the “Most Loyal Exhibitor Award” and the “Largest Contributing Exhibitor Award” were awarded. The theme of the Expo this year was focused on “Strengthening Export and Sales of High Value Added Products in the Domestic Market” while several sessions on topics like fastener markets, business models, technology and AI manufacturing were also held.
The booths of Taiwan exhibitors brought by Fastener World were right on the intersection of major aisles. All visitors to Fastener World’s booth were of high interest in the latest issue of “China Fastener World Magazine” and recognized it as the best and effective approach to locating suppliers best suited to their needs. During the event, many high-ranking purchasers also expressed their will to subscribe to Fastener World’s publications and asked for free copies disseminated at the Expo.
Fastener World’s correspondent onsite visited 10 Chinese leading fastener brands and asked them about the quality of visitors, their viewpoints to the current Chinese market and countermeasures to survive trade disputes. Most companies responded that the visitor flow was kind of influenced by the too-close dates of two similar fastener shows in Shanghai in the same month. In terms of international trade disputes, most exhibitors responded that companies must maintain a certain level of product quality in order to pass all possible challenges.
Short interviews with exhibitors
Up to 80% of our products are exported to European and U.S. regions and N. American particularly represents around 25% of our total export. The share of high strength structural parts in our product portfolio is also increasing year after year. This year, the visitor flow is acceptable as it was last year. Perhaps we’ll still register for participation next year.
The dates of similar shows held over the past two years are too close to each other, which seems to have influenced the participation in each show. The total number of visitors coming this year was quite normal and most of the visitors were domestic Chinese. In the future we hope to expand our international sales, this is also why we established a foreign sales unit this year with a clear aim to penetrate into more different markets.
We noticed that there is a declining trend in the number of exhibitors who are manufacturers or focus on face-to-face sales. Instead, we noticed that the number of exhibitors who focus on sales through their own business-to-business e-commerce platforms is increasing and most of these companies are factories. The B2B platforms are like a 24/7 online exhibition, which has become more and more popular these days.
The visitor flow is basically satisfying to us and most visitors coming to our booth are from the Middle East, Italy and other European countries. Visitors show high interest in our anchoring products and said that they will come to this show next year.
We feel quite satisfied with the visitor flow, which, we think, is not so much different from the record last year. Visitors comprise 50% foreigners and 50% local Chinese. Foreign visitors are mostly from Europe. Facing the current economic challenges, we should be active to optimize our internal structure and keep high product quality in order to get through any difficulties and keep our brand to continuously shine bright.
At this moment we feel focusing on the development in China is really important, as China is the world’s biggest market. Accordingly, we need to strengthen our presence, offer more competitive prices, maintain the required quality and increase the added value of our products in the future.
Our plan to set up a new factory in Thailand is mainly resulted from the concern over China-USA trade dispute, which is likely to influence our sales to the U.S., as we are an export-oriented company. Foreign visitors coming to our booth this year are mostly from India. We’ve participated in this show for the 10th consecutive year and are considering a change maybe next year.
Visitors coming to our booth this year are mostly from trading companies and we are very pleased to meet these old friends on-site. The U.S. market represents around 10% of our turnover and most of the products sold to the U.S. are non-standard parts, which cannot be replaced easily. As a result, we are not influenced a lot by the trade war this time.
The main purpose of our exhibiting at the show is for meeting our loyal clients, such as some from Italy and Bulgaria. In addition, we also noticed that the number of exhibitors having their own e-commerce platforms is much more than it was before and more young generations began their careers in this industry. The trade war between China and USA has forced some exhibitors previously focusing on the U.S. market to turn to Europe, so we do feel increasing pressure from the price cutting competition.
We met many visitors from different countries at this show and exchanged a lot of info with them. Next year we definitely will come to exhibit, as the entire industry is going into the period of adjustment, as well as the trade war, less market options and high inventory. If we’d like to survive the period, we have to keep stable order intake for sure.

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