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Strong Johnny International Co., Ltd 

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zinc plated/cooper plated
carbon steel
Anchor Bolts
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Wood Screws
Weld Screws
Torx Drive System Screws
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We have limited inventory for the above screws/bolts/nuts.

Please contact us for more information, the available stocking can be shipped within 7 days after order placement.

1. Head painted roofing screw with EPDM bonded washer
2. DIN 6921 Hex flange head bolt with heat treatment color black
3. Serrated hex flange nut
4. Rog hanger concrete anchor size 3/8
5. ISO 13918 copper-plated weld stud
6. DIN 7500C torx pan head thread forming screw
7. Phil pan head machine screw
8. Phil flat head self drilling screw  
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