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Yushung specializes in manufacturing brass fasteners,silicon bronze fasteners,phosphor bronze fasteners,aluminium bronze,copper fasteners,monel fasteners,as well as copper based alloy fixings,etc.All raw material are from ISO certificated source.We manufacture fasteners for Marine,Electronic,Electric,Mechanical industries,etc.With our strong capacity to manufacture screw,bolt,stud,nut,threaded rod,washer, etc.we’ve been supplying our products to many countries like North American contries,EU countries,Asian countries,Australia,South Africa,etc.As a professional manufacturer of bronze & brass fasteners,Yushung has been dedicating to manufacture quality bronze & brass fasteners for all customers.
Thanks to friendly cooperation with our suppliers of raw material,for the convenience of our customers, besides manufacturing brass & bronze fasteners with quality raw material,we also distribute silicon bronze rod,phosphor & tin bronze rod,aluminium bronze rod,navy brass rod,silicon brass rod,brass rod,etc to meet customers’ one- stop purchase demand.
Yushung is sincerely looking forward to your friendly cooperation to create a fruitful future.
Yushung has all kinds of equipment over 200 sets including cold heading machine,slotting machine,rolling thread machine,cutting thread machine,CNC,lathe,punch as well as relative equipment

Yushung's ISO9001-2016 certificate
Head Marking
Yushung' C65100 hex bolts
plants / Machines
Yushung's workshop
2017-09-25  Making Ni-Si bronze fasteners in CuNi2Si,hex bolt,hex nut,flat washer,spring lock washer.

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Brass & Bronze Screws

Brass & Bronze Nuts Brass

Copper Bolts

Countersunk Screws

Wood Screws

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Brass & Bronze Screws

Brass & Bronze Nuts Brass

Copper Bolts

Countersunk Screws

Wood Screws

Phosphor Bronze Washers

Copper Screws

Copper Nuts

Copper Nails

Hexagon Head Cap Screws

Lag Screws

Metric Screws

Phosphor Bronze Nails

Appliance Screws

Coach Screws

Corrosion Resistant Screws

Customized Special Screws / Bolts

Double-head Screws / Bolts

Hex Stand-off

Metal Screws

Recessed Head Screws

Self-Tapping Screws

Socket Head Set Screws

Square Head Cap Screws

Lag Bolts

American Standard Nuts

Heavy Nuts

Hexagon Nuts

Brass & Bronze Rivets

Nickel & Nickel Alloy Screws

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Bronze Fastener, Wood Screws, Machine Screws, Nail, Bolts, Stud, Stamping Parts, Machining Parts
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