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Industry Activities 

Yi Sheng Machinery Rolls out a New Complex Self-drilling Screw Forming Machine
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Integrated with Innovative Manufacturing Procedures. Welding Before Pointing to Achieve Stronger Torque!
     Yi Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd has recently released a new self-drilling screw forming machine with dual oil-recycling troughs, which is designed to process bi-metal and stainless steel screws. Given that manufacturing heavy-duty screws requires the addition of chlorinated paraffins, Yi Sheng then integrated the dual oil recycling troughs onto the new machine that can separate oil from water, which increases both the durability of dies and the stability of screw quality. This machine is also capable of processing self-drilling screws in the size of up to M8. “Each of the machines from Yi Sheng was customized. In addition to self-drilling screw forming machines, Yi Sheng also has the capability for manufacturing rivet machines and anchor machines,” said Yi Sheng President Kai Hsiang Hong.
The Industry’s First Complex Screw Forming Machine Which Can Weld Before Pointing
     The YS250Z model is the most special one in the newly developed YS series. President Hong spent 4 years on drawing the design chart featuring all advantages of existing screw forming machines on the market and the exclusion of disadvantages. 
The manufacturing procedures of the YS250Z complex self-drilling screws forming machine is different from those of other similar machines. Its innovative manufacturing procedures include “completing welding wire before pointing,” which results in the concentricity of screws that is more accurate and the torque that is better than the conventional way (i.e., pointing before welding). So far, no other company but Yi Sheng can manufacture self-drilling screws this way.   
Excluding All Disadvantages and Featuring Longer Durability & Higher Accuracy
     Hong, who has successfully developed the ultimate machine integrated with all advantages of existing machines on the market, elaborated, “Machines require the use of springs weighing to a minimum level of pounds to keep the stability. As a result, we import springs from Germany featuring longer durability, which can be even put into service for almost 5-6 years. In terms of materials, we insist on using aluminum bronze, which shows a higher friction coefficient than that of a commonly used phosphor bronze, thus helping achieve longer durability. As for the mainframe, we enlarged and thickened the spindle made from FCD600. Yi Sheng focuses on the market demanding highly engineered customized products. Although our prices are comparatively higher than others, the materials we used and stability of our machines are also invulnerable.”
     The highly flexible capabilities to manufacture customized machines allowed Yi Sheng to win the affection of high-end screw manufacturers. In the past, it once developed a customized complex forming machine for manufacturing M5 screws in the length of up to 300mm.
The Labor Saving Microcomputer Controlled Machine Allowing Intuitive Operation
     In addition to its functionality, the machine is equipped with a complete set of ergonomic and intuitive interface, which clearly displays all abnormal data and eliminates the costs incurred by errors made by operators with insufficient experience or the training cost. Mr. Hong collected a great amount of data through observing customers’ habits and relentlessly tried to create a more user-friendly interface. 
     According to Hong, “pointing a screw will generate a force. When the die is worn out, the force will change. As a result, we installed into the machine a testing device. If the die is worn out, an alert will pop out to remind relevant persons of noticing the status. The most difficult part is testing the edges of taps, as the weakness can hardly be detected by optical sorting. However, we can still check if the edges of taps are standards compliant by observing the change in the impact force of the machine.”
Contact: Mr. Kai Hsiang Hong
Yi Sheng Machinery
Self-drilling Screw Forming Machine
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