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Piston Nuts for Performance Car Suspension Module
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JingFong Receives 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award
     The world’s leading car manufacturers’ critical metallic fasteners supplier “JingFong Industry Co., Ltd.” has recently developed a new type of piston nuts for performance car suspension module, which stood out among many other competitors to win the honor of Taiwan Excellence Award 2021 (transportation category). The is once again a recognition of Taiwan’s relevant industry to JingFong’s technical innovation and product development strength after it received the same award in 2020.  
Complete Termination of Noise and Pollution Medium
     This type of nuts is basically for fundamentally solving the problems like noise and pollution medium when chippings are left in the piston oil-pressure valve during installation. The same anti-loosening ability can be achieved without applying glues or altering the module design. The all-metal notched nut can help users achieve more stable driving torque and prevent stripping threads. Pressing notches on nuts can be 100% correctly and precisely positioned via the optical sorting module, creating a more stable driving torque during assembly. With a more mature cold forging process, the surface roughness of a product can be improved to Rz6.3 that significantly stabilizes the friction torque of final screwing. Moreover, through upgrading the tooling design, the flatness tolerance precision of the mounting side can be raised to a maximum of 0.05mm, increasing the tightness of installation with the counterparts. Finished products can be compliant with customers’ specification requirements without having them CNC machined, thus greatly reducing the manufacturing cost.
     “In terms of stamping die processing, we generally apply special coatings and use metal load & stamping stress analysis and formulation software to design suitable forming procedures and stamping dies, in order to avoid the excessive deformation load due to the drastic variance of metal, gradually increase the precision of the cold forging process, and prolong the service life of tooling. This is why we can always achieve a very good yield rate of products,” according to the technical division of JingFong. 
For offering products of higher quality, JingFong has also introduced the force monitoring module for forming machines to monitor manufacturing quality in recent years. In its quality control laboratory, it also has SCHATZ torque analysis system, Rockwell hardness tester, and plating thickness/micro hardness/surface/salt spray testers, etc. to carry out strict quality control in manufacturing. If necessary, products must also go through automated optical inspection in order to keep the defective rate within 5ppm before shipments. “JingFong’s lab has been certified to ISO/IEC 17025 since 1997 and is able to provide customers with trustable test results and analysis reports,” according to the QC division of JingFong.
Regional Division of Labor, Getting Customer Service Right to the Point
     JingFong has 3 operations worldwide. The plant in Taiwan accepts OEM production orders for special locking fasteners and mainly exports to European and American car assembly and automotive component manufacturers; the plant in Thailand is specialized in the OEM production of standard fasteners and mainly ships to the car assembly and fastener plants in Europe, America, India, and the Middle East; the plant in Germany is a local product distribution and logistics center, which mainly cooperates with German car manufacturers to do just-in-time production and practice vendor managed inventory to help customers reduce their inventory and management costs. 
     JingFong has been dedicated to the R&D of products for over 40 years. In addition to the recent development of locking nuts for car assembly and automotive components, JingFong has been also working hard to extend its business reach to the R&D of locking construction fasteners. Moreover, the one-stop purchase service that greatly saves customers’ time to look for different supply sources, strict quality control procedures built with automated equipment and approved by certification, and the average lead-time controlled within 75 days (or even 60 days) are all what make JingFong gain so many loyal customers. 
     Looking into 2021, JingFong said, “We’ll continue to focus on technical improvement, move toward the goal of smart manufacturing, and make every effort to build a highly-efficient production environment. We also hope to expand our business reach to U.S. commercial trucks and global electric vehicles assembly markets. Most importantly, we’d like to offer customers high value added products reaching the best balance between quality and cost, reinforce technical cooperation with external organizations in the R&D of fasteners, and do our best to fully satisfy customers’ expectations.” 
JingFong contact: Alice Chen (Assistant Manager)     
JingFong Industry
Piston Nuts for Performance Car Suspension Module
2021 Taiwan Excellence Award
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