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Industry Activities 

KTX-HDS Continues to be a Popular Product on the Market
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     Kwantex focuses on the R&D in various industry sectors. It not only focuses on the improvement of screw drive design, but also provides customers facing fastening issues with solutions that are more efficient and practical. The KTX-HDS (Hidden Decking Screw System) developed for solving problems in deck fastening is exactly one of the solutions.
     In the past, when users would like to fasten decks with existing brands of fastening assistance systems, they used to face problems. For example, their tools could not be adjusted according to different deck gaps; the tools with spring jigs would be easily pushed upward during fastening; the fastening space would be restricted due to the handle design; the tools had to be manually adjusted to reach suitable clip widths; handles were not anti-slip and were heavy.
     The new Hidden Decking Screw System Kwantex developed, however, can be adjusted according to different deck gaps (3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm); it adopts the friction mechanism to clip; the tool won’t be pushed upward during fastening; handles positioned in the middle of the tool won’t interfere fastening; it does not require manual adjustment of the clip width; anti-slip handles can be customized to show the iconic colors and trademarks of companies; the tool is also lightweight. With this new product being available on the market, relevant users will definitely enjoy the benefits it brings, such as practicability and eye-pleasing fastening results.
Kwantex contact: Ms. Tracy Lin (Assistant Vice President (Sales & Marketing))
Hidden Decking Screw System
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