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EU Launches Stainless Steel Fastener Circumvention Investigation
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On 15th June the European Commission published Regulation EU 502/2012 initiating an investigation of possible circumvention of anti dumping measures on imports of stainless steel fasteners originating in China via Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

The investigation, which was initiated on the European Commission's own initiative rather than in response to a complaint from EU manufacturers, commenced 14th June 2012. The Commission says it has prima facie evidence that anti dumping tariffs on stainless steel fasteners are being circumvented by means of transhipment via Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. This evidence includes changes in the pattern of trade involving exports of the products following the continuation of anti dumping tariffs on stainless steel fasteners originating from the People's Republic of China and Taiwan under EU regulation 2/2012. It also has sufficient evidence that the product under investigation is being imported at dumped price levels.
Exporters from the countries under investigation are entitled to apply for exemption from the possible application of anti dumping duties. To do so they needed to apply to Commission within strict time limits and cooperate with its investigators.
The regulation instructs national customs authorities to register imports of the cited stainless steel products from the countries under investigation from the date it commenced. Under EU anti dumping law the Commission has the power to apply anti dumping tariffs retrospectively to imports received from the date the investigation commenced except where an exporter succeeds in obtaining an exemption. This happened as a result of the circumvention investigation on steel fasteners from Malaysia last year.
The investigation will conclude within nine months from 15th June 2012. A full copy of the regulation can be downloaded in any EU official language by visiting the EU Official Journal at and going to 14.06.2012 L153 page 8.
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