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Industry Activities 

Haining R-Best Hardware Co., Ltd. Adhering to Quality Strictly and Becoming the Best Business Producing Rivet Nut
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Excellent product quality is the cornerstone for the survival and growth of business to be in an invincible position among competitors. Ms. Hsu, the head of R-BEST, understands the philosophy well. "To become bigger and stronger, first of all the business must be responsible in the attitude of operation which not only reflects the responsibility of business for products and employees, but also for the society and motherland", stressed Ms. Hsu, in a course of reporter's interview.


Uncompromising Quality to Keep Sustainable Development


R-BEST is located in the well developed economic region, Yangtze River Delta in China. It specializes in the production and sale of rivet nuts. The main products are categorized into knurled rivet nut, full-hex rivet nut, cylindrical rivet nut, half-hex rivet nut, countersink knurled rivet nut with large/small flange, inner/outer full-hex rivet nut, full-hex rivet with small flange and inner/outer full-hex rivet nut with small flange. The materials used are carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum compliant to Metric, Imperial and US standards, and the specification from M3 to M16.


To ensure the quality of products, R-BEST has developed a set of effective quality control systems. From raw material procurement to product delivery, each product and process has undergone rigorous test and met the quality requirements. The quality control performance of R-BEST is reflected by every result and detail of production and process. Perhaps, as soon as you step into the facility of R-BEST, you will be impressed by the philosophy of seriousness, responsibility and the relentless intention to the quality of product.


From Strict System to Excellent Practice – Incorporating Quality Control into Production Details


In addition to the ISO9000 quality system adopted on all products strictly, R-BEST has also developed a quality control system. The only spirit of setting the system is to ensure the “output result” of final quality and the employees in R-BEST treat the production implementation strictly.


In the production line, the details and requirements to the quality can be seen everywhere. The activities, such as quality exposure platform, quality competition, quality model evaluation, regular quality analysis meeting and so on are combined together. Therefore, the perfect quality improvement operation system is established in the entire production line so that the quality atmosphere of “all employees care for quality and improvement” is formulated.


"Every Excellent Product must be Worthy of the Maker’s Conscience"


To achieve 100% inspection, R-BEST recently invested in 6 advanced optical sorting machines. "A rivet nut is small but the responsibility is great. We don't want to see an accident issued due to the defects in the products we produced. Every excellent product must be worthy of our own conscience", said Ms. Hsu.


As the employee in R-BEST, everyone must have its own persistence and determination in quality control, neither compromising at the start of quality control - the procurement of raw materials, nor carelessness at the end of quality control - final product delivery.


"The perfection in equipment and facility has enabled us to meet the requirement from the customers much better and to deliver more perfect products to the customers confidently", said Sandy Chen.


Customer's Pursuit of Quality Motivates the Development of R-BEST


The pursuit of quality runs through the production of R-BEST rivet nuts from the start to the end of process. The persistence to quality has made the rivet nuts produced by R-BEST favored by numerous overseas customers. Nowadays, the rivet nuts produced by R-BEST are exported to Europe, United States and Asia, especially the markets in Germany, Japan, South Korea, etc., and they are widely used in the fields of automotive, home appliance, furniture and machinery industries.


"Our customers are mainly from middle to high-end segments and their quality requirement on products is relatively high. This strict quality requirement from the customers spurs us to improve and develop quality continuously", said Ms. Hsu.


With the quality products, good service and prompt delivery, the revenue and profit of business in the first half of the year have reached the forecast and the proposed annual growth rate would be 30% despite the various uncertainties in the current environment of global trade.


Perhaps, the continuous improvement of product quality winning customer trust makes R-BEST stands out in the opportunities and challenges in the world. "In the future, R-BEST will continue the control of quality strictly to become the best business of rivet nuts production in China", said Ms. Hsu.


Contact: Ms. Hsu, head of R-BEST


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