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Expert Manufacturer of Conical Nuts for Sleeve Anchors - Hsien Sun Industry Co., Ltd.
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by Nai-Wen Chang, Fastener World

Starting from manufacturing bike nuts, Hsien Sun has opened business for 46 years. Now it is dedicated to developing various special nuts in addition to the product it started with, because manufacturing and providing more than one type of products is the way to stay irreplaceable in the market and sustain business. As far back as 20 years ago, Hsien Sun developed and mass-produced conical nuts which are now its primary product. Conical nuts are a critical component in the anchor category. Manufacturing them requires a certain level of forming technique to meet quality requirements. With mature manufacturing technology, pursuit of perfection in manufacturing process, and good product quality, Hsien Sun helps clients acquire ETA certificates with the conical nuts sold to major construction fastener companies in Europe.

Forming Products Directly Without a Second Process Creates Price Competitive Edge
Nuts come in various forms and types. Anchor nuts requires a higher degree of technique in manufacturing. Hsien Sun stumbled upon manufacture of conical nuts through serendipity. The wall thickness of conical nuts is much smaller than that of hexagon nuts, and therefore inadequate technique would easily break the wall in manufacturing and fail. When General Manager Peter Tsai came across such a situation, he did not give up. With years of technical experience and relentless efforts to overcome obstacles, he finally overcame the bottleneck and developed a conical nut formed directly without a second process which saves the need for machining and therefore becomes more price competitive than a machined conical nuts. While saving costs for clients, his anchor nuts set a new mile stone for Hsien Sun.
Besides common knurled conical nuts, Hsien Sun can cope with various customized designs such as those for 2-cuts/3-cuts conical nuts. These 2-cuts and 3-cuts nuts may seem to require secondary processing, but thanks to mature technique and perseverance in solving problems, Hsien Sun can form them with no need for a second process, saving the time and production cost for secondary processing. This not only significantly decreases lead time, but also lowers the probability of damaging the nuts when sending them back and forth between processing plants. The technical level of Hsien Sun has made its conical nuts more durable in service and more price competitive. Based on the current market trend, Sales Manager Julia Tsai said: “Besides conical anchor nuts, the products nowadays are more and more diverse. We do everything we can to cope with the need for customization and continue to upgrade our technique and quality.”

International Quality Certificate + Highly Customizable Service
Hsien Sun is currently certified to ISO 9001:2015 and can manufacture different strength grades and dimensions of customized products in accordance to clients’ demand. It offers products in various materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, brass and aluminum, and can cope with various surface treatments. Hsien Sun stresses its connection with clients as a “collaborative relationship” which utilizes Hsien Sun’s technique to help clients design customized nuts. Furthermore, Hsien Sun has enough experience to spot defects in a design and help clients deal with them, and it receives positive feedback for the suggestions and improvement plans that it proposes.
Hsien Sun’s products are applied in diverse industries such as construction, automobile, infrastructure, tool, and machinery. Its clients are mostly based in Western Europe. Its products are trusted by clients, some of whom have collaborated with Hsien Sun for decades. “We are more like a collaborative partner with our clients!”, said Julia. The 4,030 square meter plant of Hsien Sun has a bright working environment, good ventilation, and is still adding and upgrading equipment and software. The work area is well arranged and manufacturing process is strictly followed to significantly improve production efficiency.
To further improve product quality, Hsien Sun uses optical sorting machines to do full inspections, which means every nut must go through optical inspection and sorting before they go out, thereby decreasing the rate of defection. After sorting, the nuts will have to go through a second sorting which is done manually. This sophisticated double layer of quality check is a commitment for Hsien Sun itself and for clients as well.

Hsien Sun’s contact: Sales Manager Julia Tsai


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