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Industry Activities 

Alfirste- The Manufacturer with Ingenuity
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Worldwide Admired Fasteners with High Performance/Price Ratios
     Established in 2006, Yuyao Alfirste Hardware Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in timber screws, roofing screws, drywall screws, chipboard screws, and many other fasteners made of carbon steel and stainless steel. It is capable of manufacturing products as per customer’s required specification from M3.0 to M10 and from 9.5mm (min.) to 400mm (max.). With the current 15,000 sqm of plant and more than 100 skilled employees in place, Alfirste has been able to achieve the monthly fastener capacity of 1,500 tons. In terms of manufacturing capabilities or capacities, Alfirste has been also considered by many overseas fastener distributors and end-users one of the irreplaceable partnered suppliers for years. In critical fastener markets such as Russia, Germany, Italy, and Poland, high-quality fasteners from Alfirste are even admired by users every year.
Well-coordinated Manufacturing Procedures & Excellence in   “Long Screws” Processing
     Apart from outstanding manufacturing technique, Alfirste also maintains close collaboration with associate factories in heat treatment and galvanizing of products, which is the reason that the quality of its products could be continuously kept above the level over the past decade. Especially in manufacturing long screws with higher difficulties and more requirements for details, Alfirste can also complete the tasks with ease and turn them into its own strength.
     Speaking of the milestone Alfirste has reached over the past few years, General Manager Danny Wei said, “Self-innovation and technical training both are very pivotal factors that have supported us to go thus far. For enhancing the technique and R&D abilities of our team members, we arrange internal employee trainings every year and send our technicians to other external units for exchange and learning. All these investments proved to be quite effective. For example, the drilling mold we developed on our own could help users achieve stable quality, high production volumes, short lead times, and competitive prices, winning us a leading position in the industry.”  
The Firm Presence in Europe with   ISO, CE, and ETA Certification
     Alfirste received its ISO 9001 and CE certificates a few years ago. Last year it took a leap forward and received the ETA 20-0316 certificate, which is more difficult to get, for 3 types of its new construction screws featuring faster tapping speed, more stable quality, and a wider selection of sizes. Such an achievement is not only a recognition to the significant performance of these products used to fasten wood constructions, but also helps widen the gate for Alfirste’s business expansion in Europe or even in more advanced markets. 
     General Manager Wei added, “The continuous and stable supply of products with the best performance/price ratios and in-time improvements and responses to customers’ inquiries are undoubtedly the biggest advantages of our company. As a result, we can continue to win us praises from customers. What’s more important is that we also see those companies and factories working with us gaining their own leading position and increasing their market share significantly in Europe and America.”
     Considering the positive and growing development momentum in future Chinese and global markets, Alfirste plans to continue the expansion of its current plant, including a bigger workshop and introduction of heat treatment and galvanizing lines. With the adherence to “Original Spirit & Manufacture With Heart ,” Alfirste hopes to establish collaboration with more customers and strengthen its presence on the market. 
Alfirste contact: General Manager Danny Wei       
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