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Industry Activities 

T.I.T.F. Customized & Long-Service Dies, Securing Japanese Market & Expanding Global Market Share
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     Led by President Charles Yang with specialized knowledge, Taiwan International Tool Form Ltd. (T.I.T.F.) has been centered on dies manufacturing since it was founded in 1979. Over the years, well-known domestic and overseas machine and screw manufacturers have come to work with T.I.T.F. Now the company mainly exports to Southeast Asia and Japan, and has done well gaining market shares in the U.S. and Europe. At present, they are known across the industry in manufacturing and supplying various tungsten carbide dies and alloy steel tools.
Kanban + 5S Management
Parallel to Japanese High-end Quality
     To achieve stable quality, they started to apply for the ISO certification since 2000 which was rare back then, and every year they continue to pass the certification. Also, they have many Japanese clients. When Charles visited Japan in the early years of T.I.T.F., he found the competitive edge in the Japanese Kanban and 5S management which he later brought into his own plant. Clearly defined workflows and a good work environment largely benefit T.I.T.F. in pursuit of stable quality and punctual delivery. Bringing Japanese management and high quality to Taiwan earns T.I.T.F. the trust and repurchase of Japanese clients.
Focus on Customization & Adherence to Maximizing the Service Life of Dies
     T.I.T.F. operates on fully customized orders and always gets to know the requested die types before production. Materials are chosen after product properties are discussed with clients. With most clients as automotive screw manufacturers, T.I.T.F. sets high requirements on quality. Charles caters much to clients’ rights. Right after founding the company, he decided not to conduct design and let clients provide drawings in order to protect clients’ patent designs and confidentiality.
     Another feature of the company is the absolute adherence to service-life of dies. They won’t use EDM and Wire EDM unless CNC grinding is not an option. They don’t sacrifice the service life of dies to save time. “We require at least 4 to 5 weeks to go from taking orders to manufacturing dies. It could mean that, more often than not, our lead times may not meet the expectation of Taiwanese screw companies, because many small domestic dies companies stock up tungsten carbide to save time for fast delivery. We purchase tungsten carbide according to what each product needs after we take orders. If no issues arise with the dies in use, we don’t change materials with no fair cause,” said the company. Furthermore, the polishing of inner holes affects the service life of dies, so they are very strict about inner hole roughness and mostly polish manually, no taking shortcuts. They prioritize dies quality over processing costs and never cut corners. Fine-tuning recommendations are also provided to make dies last longer.
     They have a QC department to monitor quality using projectors, profilers, 3-D measuring instruments, roughness testers, etc. Regardless of increased cost, they would even double check collaborating companies’ products, as well as each specification on the clients’ drawings, providing test reports.
New Blood of the 2nd Generation to Expand Markets in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East
     T.I.T.F. has been in business in the industry for long, gaining many loyal clients and providing stable production. After General Manager Nikki Yang of the second generation joined in, she upgraded the equipment, trained the staff, and applied new technology to greatly improve efficiency. She will try marketing promotion in many ways and develop customers in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East to set T.I.T.F. on track to a new era.
Taiwan International Tool Form Ltd. (T.I.T.F.)
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