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Jie Le Screw Forming Machines Contribute to Carbon Reduction; Showcase Upcoming at Wire Düsseldorf & Fastener Taiwan 2024
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     Founded in 2020, Jie Le Machinery has made a name for itself in the market in three years with a combination of its “Highly-efficient Multi-stroke Screw Forming Machine” and “Smart Manufacturing”. It has seen significant increase in domestic and overseas customers from Germany and Poland among other countries.
     This machine was jointly built by two masterminds: General Manager and machine designer Mr. Arne Chen and Mr. Shih-Chin Yen with 15 years of experience in the industry. The eye-catcher of the machine is the "Patent Weight Distribution" design to massively reduce vibration generated by high-speed machines and maintain a perfect internal power balance. This is to ensure that long service life and high precision of the machine module, parts and molds can be retained in long-term use. The second feature is twice the production capacity over conventional forming machines to save manpower and space. The third feature is the ergonomic body design that allows operators to run the machine without bending down, avoiding occupational injuries. Lastly, the trump card is the integration of Al, automation, and automated guided vehicles to enable one-stop service offering and help customers cope with CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism) and carbon reduction.
Highlight 1: Offering Whole Factory Planning & Integrating Sensors
     Jie Le Machinery values customers’ needs. It has executed whole plant planning for manufacturers in Taiwan, Vietnam and other countries, and helped them introduce highly-efficient forming machines and integrate smart manufacturing to enhance capacity. Additionally, Jie Le forming machines are high-speed and highly stable, integrated with production monitoring sensors to improve production management and product quality.
Highlight 2: Connected to Cloud-based Smart Monitoring System
     Saving energy and reducing carbon must begin with data monitoring and visualization. Jie Le forming machines are equipped with a power monitoring system to control energy consumption, and customers can find abnormalities immediately from the monitoring platform. Furthermore, this machine provides automatic sleep on/off setting.
Highlight 3: Production Data Connected to Clients, Saving Effort in Carbon Inventory
     Through digitalized monitoring, Jie Le Machinery continuous to develop programs with clients to transmit the data of each manufactured screw to clients’ systems. Clients can merge the data into their carbon inventory or carbon emissions reports and submit to the EU for CBAM review. Eliminating the hassle of manual input is a huge savior for clients.
Jie Le Brand to Go Global
     This year, the company has successfully sold to a German carmaker and received a renewed order, earning the client’s trust. Mr. Yen said Germany is the critical head of the manufacturing economy, and that’s why Jie Le Machinery will unveil its forming machines at Wire Düsseldorf and market them in Europe. Furthermore, after the machine debuted last year at Taiwan International Fastener Show (also known as Fastener Taiwan), he got many domestic and overseas orders and made quite a reputation. He will exhibit at Fastener Taiwan this year with a doubled booth size!
     With pre-deployed transformation to high speed and smart manufacturing, the company focuses on high efficiency and whole factory planning. Interaction with clients led the two masterminds to put new inspiration into next-generation machines. Mr. Yen said in an interview that promotion on Fastener World Magazine brought him more inquiries and visits by overseas fastener companies. This year they aim to form an export business to globally market their brand, and become a strong aid for global fastener companies in the CBAM and carbon reduction era!
Contact: Mr. Shih-Chin Yen     
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